“Sit down and relax. I already know what you want to eat”

“I spent all my childhood seeing my father read minds that were thirsty for experiences and indulging stomachs hungry for emotions. My father had this incredible ability to tell exactly what a diner wanted to eat. When you have such ability and run a restaurant at the end of a corridor you don’t need a menu, or even a sign across the front bearing your name – you only need determination and excellent produce.

After almost 40 years, we at Passadís keep working the same way – with excellent produce, with the same determination as ever and without the menu we have always taken pride in never having.”

Joan Manubens – Owner, Passadís del Pep

Our best recipe? Seeing the sun rise daily for 40 years

Get up when the city sleeps, be the first one to get the best produce, take this produce to the kitchen and treat it with due respect. If you are able to repeat this every single day for 40 years, diners end up trusting you. And in the world of restaurants, if diners trust you they are no longer diners – they are friends.

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Where are we?

We are at the heart of El Born, at door number 2 on Pla de Palau square, at the bottom end of Barcelona Old City’s most famous corridor.

So you may visit us while strolling around this historic neighbourhood, considered by many Barcelona’s own Soho.

For bookings and special requests, please call us on (+34) 933 101 021 or WhatsApp us on (+34) 639 88 90 37